Who we are

The Dominion Movement is a fraternity of young New Zealand nationalists. We believe in the rebirth of traditional Kiwi society, and are committed to uplifting ourselves and building strong bonds through working together in this cause. By fostering a culture of struggle and discipline, and with the mutual support of our community, we recapture the character of our people and overcome the mire of liberal and consumerist modernity. We understand that the transformation of society starts at the individual level. Strong men create strong nations.

What We Believe

We recognise - and are proud - that Europeans are the defining people of this nation and that they were essential in its creation. As young white men, we honour the sacrifices of our forefathers by protecting and strengthening the legacy they left us: New Zealand herself.

Our aim is to reawaken and revitalise in our people the values that gave our forefathers the strength to build this country; those of duty, honour, initiative, and love for our people. We understand and embrace the mission to guard our nation against both hostile foreign powers and traitors to our people.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to offer European New Zealanders a community and sense of belonging as well as a forum for free and open discussion of ideas.

We oppose the animosity and contempt this system holds for us and our people, we reject the entire concept of White guilt. We oppose the influence and financial domination of foreign powers. We oppose the doctrines of Marxism, Liberalism, Consumerism as these modern ideas have brought nothing but disenfranchisement for generations.

We believe in the immortal virtues of family, community, and nation. The time is now for Europeans, in New Zealand and all over the world to believe in ourselves and our people again, to not feel ashamed of our own history. We proudly stand by our nation's flag and the history it represents.

Our Symbol

The Haast's Eagle represents our hope for future, built upon the legacy of the past. It symbolises the driving goal of the Dominion Movement: national rebirth. The Haast's Eagle embodies the virtues of strength, struggle and power. It should not be forgotten that this land was once the home to the greatest eagle to have ever lived.
As our symbol, the Haast's Eagle inspires us to achieve and develop these qualities in ourselves and in our nation.


We here at the Dominion Movement are opposed to violence. We seek change through the dissemination of information and through self-improvement and community building.

Anyone suggesting or promoting violence or illegal activities of any kind will be immediately banned.