Attack of the Tabloid!

Fake news site Stuff, a subsidiary of foreign-owned Fairfax, have recently run a lazy, dishonest hitpiece targeting the Dominion Movement. Here we’ll give you the truth, and set the record straight.

The unlucky attack-dog of the globalist media who wrote this article contacted us for quotes, but just like all of his colleagues, he was ignored. Everything that we have to say, we say on this site.

Deprived of material for a meaningful story, this sellout was forced to write a humiliating headline which effectively reads: “Local resident has an opinion”.


He goes on to judge our posters to be ‘offensive material’, which seems like a bit more than the impartial reporting of facts that we once expected of people who call themselves journalists.

Later on in the piece, an anonymous source supposedly wonders aloud whether or not our posters contain Nazi artwork. This is almost too absurd to address, but no, these beautiful pieces are from old covers of the New Zealand Journal of Agriculture - as quintessentially Kiwi as it gets. This anonymous commentator, if they even actually exist, certainly does not know their history - our history - as well as they say. They’ve only been driven to hysteria by tabloid outlets like Stuff.

The article also includes a quote from the mayor of Manawatu, claiming that our posters ‘advocate discrimination’ - another falsehood. Our material depicts families and working men, coupled with slogans encouraging our fellow white Kiwis to value our heritage and build a bright future for New Zealand. A message of pride and hope.

Nothing negative is said about anyone; we simply love our own people. This spirit is anathema to a media complex which works to turn our people into pacified, addicted consumers more concerned with who’s getting voted off Dancing with the Stars than they are with the country that their grandchildren will inherit.


The glorified blogger also takes issue with a poster of ours which calls attention to the horrific violence faced by white South Africans. Many of them have been forced to flee to New Zealand by murderous gangs and a kleptocratic, abusive government. The poster depicts a black South African holding a sign calling for the slaughter of the Boers. The writer exploits this image to put those words of violence into our mouths, and imply that we are the haters!

The original image.

The original image.

He then writes this puzzling line:


The revitalisation of our people has little to do with the fact that we keep our identities concealed from jackals like the author of this hitpiece. It is an indictment of the media machine that we are forced to do so.

Our position on the issue of anonymity was explained in one of the very first articles on this site. The lazy author would have known that if he had bothered to do any research. For the crime of expressing a positive, patriotic point of view, our personal reputations would be smeared with the same dishonest method now being used against the Dominion Movement itself. Jobs and careers would be threatened, and our families’ safety would be endangered, all because we disagree with the path down which our nation is currently being led.


…As do most ordinary Kiwis. Consumerism has rotted our society hollow, commodifying and exploiting our basic instincts, and dulling our collective spirit with crass materialism.

Irresponsible immigration has outright robbed many us of the opportunity to own our own homes in our own country. It has flooded industries with foreign labour, denying Kiwi workers the means to make a decent living and support our families. It has diluted the defining character of our nation through radical demographic assault.

Finally, no normal person is comfortable with transgenderism being constantly and aggressively pushed by government, media, and private organisations. We’re especially uncomfortable with perverts ambushing young children at schools and libraries with this bizarre filth.

Near the end of the article, the author once again invokes his mystery source, who supposedly said:


This country is not a playground for the whole world to come in to and do with as they please. This is New Zealand. This is our home, and despite the best efforts of foreign powers and craven traitors, our home will not be transformed into some plastic, globalised economic zone with a mass culture that is hostile to our people.

This country is an inseparable part of our soul. Many of our own ancestors bled and died upon this land for our sake. To have it plundered and abused by strangers is an intolerable injustice to our forefathers and to our descendants to come. We in the Dominion Movement have not forgotten our duty to resist this desecration, and unlike the vipers at Stuff, we will continue to passionately speak the truth that bursts from our hearts.

It’s little wonder that nobody trusts journalists anymore.