The Dominion Movement: a Primer

This article is intended as a short introduction to the Dominion Movement; a quick reference guide to what we represent and our goals as a movement.

The Dominion Movement is a grass-roots identitarian activist organisation committed to the revitalisation of our country and our people: White New Zealanders. With this purpose in mind, our movement works toward the accomplishment of four inter-connected goals:

  1. Self-improvement

  2. Community-building

  3. Appreciation of nature

  4. Activism



We believe that building and maintaining a strong nation requires a strong people, starting at the individual level. We have both a personal and social responsibility to develop our faculties to their fullest potential; to strive for the ideal.

Toleration of personal weakness results in the degeneration of society. This is helped along by a permissive and decadent culture of consumerism which degrades the character and blunts the spirit of mankind. We are not merely economic labour units. We are not just consumers of products. We are builders, explorers, and conquerors; we are spiritual and aspirational. Our values transcend crass and reductionist economic models.

In practical terms, we believe in constant self-improvement through exercise and sport, healthy diet, active social life, the pursuit of knowledge, and spiritual development. We also promote the cultivation of personal virtue; honour, honesty, and a strong sense of duty and solidarity are emphasised.

Our goal is to build a nation of healthy, confident, self-reliant, virtuous, proud New Zealanders. We are growing stronger!



Community is absolutely indispensible to us in the Dominion Movement. The individualist, consumerist, selfish culture in which we live encourages us to focus on ourselves; to have only extremely shallow social ties outside of our immediate family. Most New Zealanders don't know the names of their next-door neighbours. Today, even people who live in small towns are increasingly isolated from each other.

Compare this to traditional Kiwi culture, in which local communities were much more tightly bound together. The community operated as a single body, considerate of the needs of each of its members. Socialisation, charity, and solidarity were prominent features of traditional New Zealand. Kiwis had a strong sense of local identity. The community was an extended family.

The Dominion Movement aims to revive this spirit among our people. Everything we do; activism, sports and exercise, birthdays, barbecues, and book swaps are all done in the spirit of building fellowship with each other. We have a strong culture of encouragement and support in achieving personal and shared goals. The quest for self-improvement need not be a lonely one, and the greatest triumphs are the ones we share with each other. It is both easier and more rewarding to accomplish our personal goals with the support of our friends. Together, we prevail.

We are building a community based on real experiences, fraternity, and shared purpose. We don't rely on artificial mass-media subcultures or consumer preferences to provide ourselves and each other with identity and belonging.



The Dominion Movement a deep and abiding respect for the order of nature. We see Man as an integrated part of this natural system; not separate from it or master of it. Nature is part of us, it defines us – and we, in turn, are part of it.

It is our responsibility to be humble before the awesome power of nature. For many of us, natural law is a clear expression of divine will. The wasteful, conceited, egocentric attitude to nature promoted through selfish liberalism and reckless consumerism is dangerously misguided and ecologically ruinous.

We recognise that the land itself is one of the greatest gifts given to us by our ancestors. We have a serious responsibility as both inheritors and safe-keepers of our environment. This country is our inheritance, and it is to be our legacy. The protection of the natural world is one of the greatest inter-generational duties we have.

We organise a variety of activities to both cultivate an appreciation for nature, and to reinforce our sense of responsibility for the conservation of our unique Kiwi ecosystem. Hiking and camping trips help us to re-connect with the natural world. Beach clean-ups help to protect the delicate ecosystems of our coasts. They also help the wider community to appreciate the profound beauty of pristine nature unspoiled by human carelessness.



New Zealand faces a great number of threats, both domestically and internationally. Our culture, economy, and demographic integrity are all under attack by malicious forces:

  • Plutocratic, predatory Chinese speculators wreak havoc on our real estate, farms, manufacturing, fisheries, critical infrastructure, and national politics.

  • Globalist financial powers dominate our economy, attacking the wages of Kiwi workers by encouraging globalisation and immigration, and involve us in international conflicts which do not benefit our country.

  • Cultural Marxist subversives advocate for dangerous and repulsive causes like transgenderism and mass immigration. They attack foundational values of Kiwi society: free speech, the family unit, and patriotism, to name just a few. They support the globalist effort to replace the diversity of mankind with a rootless, undifferentiated, mongrelised humanity. No unique countries, cultures, or peoples would exist in their nightmare vision for the future.

  • Craven Kiwi politicians betray their country to foreign powers and big business for peanuts – a couple hundred thousand dollars for a re-election campaign, or a cushy position on the board of directors at a multinational corporation. These political prostitutes selfishly plunder our country for their own personal profit.

Our movement aims to rekindle the flame of tradition, patriotism, and pride in young White Kiwis. Poisonous Cultural Marxist concepts such as 'white guilt' are designed deliberately and specifically to keep us from believing in ourselves and our people. To disconnect us from our heritage, and to darken our future. The Dominion Movement is committed to fighting against our demographic, cultural, and political dispossession in our own country. This is our home.

We gladly serve our community by clearing the city streets of Marxist and anarchist material, which promotes unhealthy lifestyles and anti-white hatred. Our own stickers and posters spread the message of hope, strength, and identity all over New Zealand. Our website has articles and reports chronicling the many things we accomplish together, our thoughts on political and cultural developments, and deeper explorations of identity in 21st century New Zealand.

The Dominion Movement is forging a new path for our people. A new political and philosophical paradigm is emerging in New Zealand and all over the Western world. We rise to overcome the Marxist subversion and ruinous globalist consumerism destroying our people and our country.

We stand for a great national rejuvenation; a return to the essential and eternal values of family, community, and nation. Our symbol, the Haast's Eagle, represents our determination to secure that rebirth. Our people's history teaches us one undeniable lesson: that when we work together, there is nothing that is beyond our reach.



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