The New Model of Free Speech Suppression

With the cancellation of the Molyneux/Southern speaking event in Auckland this last week, it is now easy to see the new model of speech suppression emerging:

  1.  A dissident public event is announced
  2. The left announces their intention to protest against the event
  3. The police express concern about a public disturbance being caused
  4. The local authorities rescind the permit for the event at short notice, forcing it off public property. This may leave too little time for an alternate venue to be found
  5. A private venue is arranged, but police protection is still not forthcoming
  6. The left makes threats of violence against the private venue
  7. The venue owner cancels the event over safety concerns
  8. The event does not take place, and further dissent is chilled
  9. The views of the dissidents become considered too dangerous, and are silenced. A more moderate, mainstream opinion becomes the new 'extremism'.

Government and police use the threat of leftist violence as a pretext for shutting down the event – instead of controlling the troublemakers, as is the function of the police. That's because the system and the so-called 'revolutionaries' have a common cause: the crushing of any dissent against the international liberal system. The far-left is manipulated as useful idiots for the global capitalism that they claim to hate. This is what public debate now looks like in New Zealand. A political machine and police force feigning total helplessness against a communist mob, forcing honest discussion to be shut down.

Granted, they do look terrifying

Granted, they do look terrifying

As the liberal system buckles under the twin stresses of globalisation and multiculturalism, its fragility is on open display. Its flimsy principles have no solution to the problems it has caused. The 'elites' feel threatened by the idea that the public could openly and freely criticise their leadership. Resorting to force to shut such activity down exposes their lack of confidence in the strength of their ideas.

Somehow our so-called democracy has become terrified of civil society - a fundamental and essential element of democracy. Instead of being an avenue for constructive feedback and problem-solving, free speech is seen by those in power with suspicion and fear. Your questioning is a 'public disturbance' and an 'invitation to violence', and so it has to be shut down.

This frees up the police to do more important things, like  spending $10,000 on a gay patrol car

This frees up the police to do more important things, like spending $10,000 on a gay patrol car

When the event is shifted to a private venue, everything has to be done under an absurd veil of secrecy due to the rabid leftist footsoldiers of the system.

This is what we're forced into now; organising secret meetings like spies and criminals just to express common-sense social and political opinions to each other. Meanwhile, the 'anti-oppression revolutionaries' whine about how downtrodden they are whilst using intimidation and political violence to silence their adversaries when state-supported suppression fails.


When the views of Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern are deemed too extreme by the establishment, those opinions are silenced in the public square. When they leave the scene, figures closer to the mainstream become the new 'extreme right'.

We witnessed this happen within a week, with Don Brash, once the leader of the National Party – hardly an extremist – being barred from speaking at Massey University. The reason? Massey Vice Chancellor Jan Thomas says that his ideas 'come dangerously close to hate speech', a nebulous and ill-defined term that means whatever it needs to in order to shut down people who question the status quo.

This bloke with the Singaporean wife is the new face of Kiwi race-hate, we're told

This bloke with the Singaporean wife is the new face of Kiwi race-hate, we're told

No normal Kiwi is opposed to free and open debate. Having the freedom to speak your mind – and especially to call out BS – is something central to the Kiwi character. The dishonest media tries to gaslight the public, pretending that the whole country is aghast at anything challenging the system. This was perfectly demonstrated in the hysterical coverage they gave of Molyneux and Southern. In reality, only unhinged communists and media shills – tools of the establishment – actually have a problem with new and challenging ideas.

Newshub journalist Patrick Gower showed how unprepared the liberal system is to face dissenting opinions, in a catastrophic interview with Molyneux and Southern. He's made himself a laughing-stock for his never-ending efforts at damage control.

Pro tip: if you're compelled to write an article insisting that you didn't get crushed, you probably got crushed.

It's been a rough week

It's been a rough week

As time goes on and the scope of acceptable debate shrinks, more normal people will be deemed far-right extremists, and be denied their rights. So when they attack Molyneux and Southern, or Don Brash, remember – they're getting ready to attack you.

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