Irony and Inaction

Since the inception of the Dominion Movement, various criticisms regarding the effectiveness of our activism have been levelled at us. Some have been helpful. However, our movement has encountered one kind of detractor that plagues Identitarian movements worldwide: the 'irony bro'.

Many commentators try to hide behind sarcasm to evade their own feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. This achieves nothing but to prolong their cowardly apathy in the face the ever more aggressively unjust modern world. These fools will often nitpick at things they have seen others do, without having any real, practical experience of. They have only their own narrow perspective from the outside, looking in:

LOL look at yourselves practising martial arts in the park like a pack of morons!”

Why don’t you guys go get girlfriends instead of hanging out with a bunch of men all the time?”

Hah wow sure putting up some posters and stickers is going to solve everyone’s problems!”

The first thing to understand from the perspective of these 'irony bros' (or, more precisely, these nihilists) is that the system has done a fantastic job of conditioning them to be perpetually mediocre. Convictions and beliefs outside of those sanctioned by the ruling neo-liberal order are relegated to the fringes of society and are the domain of fanatics and weirdos. This is because anyone of good character who has strongly-held principles feels compelled to action when those principles are violated.

We live in an age in which meaning or belief has not simply been lost, but one in which it is rejected outright. Believing in something is out of style, something for fanatics, madmen, outcasts and pariahs from the towering glass structures of the world shopping mall, these great cathedrals of the new pilgrimage. Belief is inconvenient, unpopular, decidedly uncool unless ironic or “for now”, ugly, dirty, not politically correct, and possibly even some kind of -ist or -ism. It is looked on with suspicion, distaste and often times fear and anger.
— Paul Waggener, 'The Werewolf Manifesto'

People who use this type of critique to attack what we are doing as a group often aren’t trying to convince their audience, but rather themselves. They remain shackled to the sedentary, consumerist lifestyle while still holding edgy and 'dangerous' ideas from the safety of their keyboard. They see nationalism as a type of sub-culture or 'secret club'; an outlet for daily frustrations. These people remain successfully neutralised by the system. Without corresponding action, words and ideas are worthless.


These types are generally not worthy of the respect we would show to the average politically-disengaged citizen. Personally, I have more respect for those actually active in their opposition to us - they, at least, have the courage to stand for their convictions, rather than to simply offer hollow critique from afar.

The reason the Dominion Movement was created was to fulfil a longing in our souls for family, community, and nation in a true sense, and to shape our own destinies, rather than resigning ourselves to the whims and social mores of a terminally sick society. We exist to foster a new, healthy community in defiance of the system by lifting each other towards greatness, pushing towards new heights of creativity, integrity, honour, strength, and determination. Informed by moral intuition and driven by benevolent will to power, we strive to leave behind a legacy of which our forefathers would be proud.

Unpopularity earned by doing what is right is not unpopularity at all, but glory.
— Marcus Tullius Cicero

Ultimately, what outsiders see or how they interpret what we do (whether they are on 'our side' or not) is of little real concern to us. Our actions are intended to be a rallying cry to those who share our deep yearning for lives of substance, and whose stomachs turn at the thought of living as slaves to an unworthy system. If this is you, what are you waiting for?