Why White Identity?

On New Zealand's current path, white Kiwis face a future of displacement and disenfranchisement in our own country. In order to preserve our home, we have to band together as a community and defend our interests as a people. Embracing the power of ethnic identity is the only way we can secure our nation from hostile immigrants and traitor politicians.

In New Zealand, we are facing a deluge of foreign ethnic groups flooding our country very quickly. According to StatsNZ, Asians will outnumber Maori within the next 4 years. In 20 years, whites will fall from 75% to just 66% of the population in our own country. Most damning of all, 1 in 5 people in New Zealand will be Asian.

Democracy sets different groups against each other in a contest for power. That power, once attained, is used to serve the interests of the victorious group – often to the exclusion of other groups. This is starkly shown today in the case of the South African whites. After losing power to the terrorist African National Congress, they are explicitly targeted for disenfranchisement by their black-controlled government and face savage violence from murderous black burglars.

Meanwhile, leftists in the West gloat over the mutilated bodies of dead Boers.

Meanwhile, leftists in the West gloat over the mutilated bodies of dead Boers.

Democracy is less a model of stable governance, and more a system formalising the plunder of successful countries by foreigners and other resentful underclasses. Immigration is central to this process. As more foreigners enter the country and gain political rights, the will of the native population which built the society is diluted.

In the United States, the flood of immigrants from Central America have become a powerful political force – 12% of all eligible voters. Due to their concentration in the border states, Arizona and Texas are in danger of turning from reliably Republican-voting states to Democratic conquests in 2020. Demographic change has real, measurable political consequences.

Foreign people coming to our country bring with them foreign languages, foreign cultures and foreign political views. As their numbers grow, our political will is diluted, as our politicians are replaced by Kurdish Marxists and Chinese spies. The interlopers overwhelmingly agitate and vote in favour of more radical open-borders immigration policy in order to cement their power. They are incentivised to eventually force the native population to become a despised minority in their own country. This is achieved through third-worldist anti-white campaigning, mass immigration, and explosive birth rates among foreigners.

Sound far-fetched? In 1960, white people constituted 85% of the population of the United States. Less than a lifetime later, that figure is today just 62%, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down, let alone reversing. We face the same fate in New Zealand, unless we take action.


This is happening simultaneously in all Western countries through deliberate government policy. We still have time to correct these trends through policy that prioritises the welfare of our people and the cohesion of our society, instead of the current blind scramble to maximise the GDP by selling out on our land and our labour.

Diversity is not 'our strength', despite the insistence of the political and media establishment. As shown above, diversity only means disintegration. As immigrants flood into Western countries all over the world, the invaders collaborate with each other to assert their power over us. Anyone who opposes this is labelled a bigot and a hater. This routinely costs people jobs and relationships – it's not for nothing that the Dominion Movement is anonymous.

Worse even than the disintegration of our political will is the loss of our sense of ourselves as a nation. The insidious idea that multiculturalism is our culture - that white people have no legitimate culture of our own - is being pushed in classrooms in Western countries from New Zealand to Sweden. This culture denial, in tandem with a cult of pluralism, tells us that we don’t even have a culture to preserve, and that we should be grateful to foreigners for ‘culturally enriching’ us. Persisting with this sinister ideology will inevitably result in the erasure of our national identity, and will transform our home into a place in which our grandchildren would be a disempowered, hated minority.

We are attacked as a people, and so we must defend ourselves as a people. In the current culture, white people are uniquely taken to task for the controversial episodes of our past: Crusades! Colonialism! Holocaust! At the same time, we are prohibited from sharing in the accomplishments of our civilisation-building ancestors. We get all of the guilt, and none of the glory. Consider the ‘It’s OK to be White’ poster campaign: acrimonious cries of ‘white supremacy!’ in response to the most tepid possible defence of white people.

Every people but white people are allowed and encouraged to band together and pursue their interests explicitly as members of that race. It's time for white people to stand up and assert our right to defend ourselves culturally, politically, and demographically.

Click through the warning and    read the whole thing   . They are explicitly calling for our genocide.

Click through the warning and read the whole thing. They are explicitly calling for our genocide.

We cannot afford the intellectual vanity of liberalism in this crisis. We must hold duty to our people as our greatest virtue. Either we stand together to protect ourselves and our home, or we lose everything that made our country the jewel of the Pacific that it once was.

This perspective is not alien to us here in New Zealand. We believe in the same things our great-grandfathers did. Before mass media distorted our perceptions and consumerism preyed upon our instincts, New Zealanders had a clear understanding of what it meant to protect our home from hostile foreigners. Tens of thousands of our forefathers gave their lives in pursuit of that goal in the last century.

Our aim is to reignite the flame that burned in the hearts of our martyred patriots all over New Zealand. The spirit of self-sacrifice will supplant the craven individualism pushed by the degrading consumerist system. The values that built and defended our home will once again be at the front and centre of our culture: family, community, and nation. It's up to all of us. Are you in?