January Action Report

The Dominion Movement started 2019 strong.

This month we held a camping trip, the first of many to come. A brief break from the rush of modernity is an opportunity to slow down and gain some perspective on our lives. We can take stock of what is important to us - what our values and goals are, and what might hold us back. Then when we return, we can confront any obstacles, and ‘ride the tiger’ with clarity and a renewed sense of purpose.

It is also a chance to build a deeper relationship with our land. In New Zealand we are fortunate to have a country of astonishing, primordial beauty. A young land of character, capable of both sweet serenity and tempestuous wrath. We can see something of the beauty which ignited the spirit of our forefathers, inspiring them to build a home here for us.

We were also delighted to welcome some friends from overseas. Our brothers and sisters all over the world are facing the same troubles that we are here. It is our responsibility to support each other whenever we can.

Our struggle is global. Every white country on the planet is under siege from the globalist forces of ruin, all at the same time. Now more than ever, unity between our brother peoples is a vital principle. Nothing brings people together like shared struggle. In these dark days, it is our duty and our pleasure to love each other. We will prevail together.

Stickering continued apace this month. The word is spreading. Every week, more of our people answer the challenge to break out of the consumerist moral wasteland, and instead lead lives of meaning.




This month we completed our Hall of Fame series chronicling and celebrating the lives of our glorious dead from the colonial period. Part Three tells the stories of two sailors who bravely defended our young colony. One made a survivor and the other a martyr, they both live triumphant in the memory of our people.

Part Four tells the tale of Lieutentant Perceval’s ill-fated trek, and the private accompanying him with a dark premonition of their end. It also includes a tribute to the sacrifices ordinary men and women made in that period, struggling in a strange land against a brutal enemy.

This month we celebrated both the Wellington and Auckland anniversaries. We tell the stories of their founding, and honour the memory of those of our people who built our largest cities.

Finally, in Anti-Capitalist Figures of the Right, we examine a handful of personalities, past and present, who defy the false socialist-capitalist dichotomy, and put people - not ideology or systems - at the centre of their worldview, where we belong.


The New Year is a time of transition. The end of one cycle, and the beginning of another. The death of the old, and the birth of the new. We can reflect that change within ourselves as well. The struggle, after all, begins inside each of us. Only a strong people can build and sustain a strong nation.

A new year is an opportunity to hit the reset button, and choose a new path for ourselves in a multitude of dimensions. What parts of ourselves should we leave behind? What new skills, habits, conditions, or attitudes can we develop? What’s our next mountain to climb? These are vital questions that we should always be asking ourselves. 2019 presents the chance to turn the page, and renew the work of self-conquest with a burst of vigour. With each others’ support, we will make this year a milestone.

We are facing 2019 stronger than ever, with purpose and hope abundant. The path ahead is rich with growth and triumph - both as individuals and as a community. Why not join us?