October Action Report

October was another huge month for Dominion. It was our biggest month for recruitment yet. As the word spreads, more and more of us are standing up. Shout out to all the new men in Auckland, Nelson, and Wellington. We are growing stronger!


In Wellington, some of the lads spent a sunny day heading up Mount Victoria clearing up trash and enjoying the views. We have a responsibility to leave places in better condition for those who come after us, whether it’s a hill track or New Zealand herself.

October also marked the beginning of our partnership with Identity Australia. A Dominion member flew over to meet with our Aussie brothers this month, and was impressed by their energy, dedication, and strong sense of community.

Our sister-countries have always banded together in times of struggle, we are proud to carry this worthy tradition forward in our partnership with Identity Australia.

Pavlova really does belong to us, though.

Pavlova really does belong to us, though.

A host of stellar articles was presented this month:

Social Credit: Economics for the Common Man explores an alternative economic system with a long and forgotten history in New Zealand and around the anglosphere. Nevertheless, it represents a simple, down-to-earth system designed to free us from the economic abuse of international financial powers.

Damnatio Memoriae covers the continuing war being waged upon our pioneer history at the hands of radical Maori activists and complicit council politicians. The article exposes and debunks the historical lies used as excuses for this iconoclasm, and vindicates our pride in our settler forefathers.

Why White Identity? explores the unique pressures faced by white people all over the world, including demographic displacement in our homes, political disenfranchisement, and the unprecedented viciousness of the cultural war waged against us. It shows that white identitarianism is the noble and necessary ethos for the survival and flourishing of our people and our civilisation.

The Anatomy of Man is a guided tour of the evolutionary history of mankind, and demonstrates the biological case for nationalism. Celebration of diversity is commonly used as an argument for multiculturalism, but multiculturalism only destroys diversity in the long-term. Nationalism and self-determination are shown to be indispensable values for any sincere, sustainable appreciation of human diversity.

Popstars and Palestine exposes an Israeli court’s aggressive and deranged vendetta against a pair of New Zealand activists who wrote a letter to Lorde. It exposes the precedent for treating criticism of Israel as an international crime, based on a laughably flimsy excuse. The article urges us to stand up to bullying from foreign courts more interested in persecuting Kiwis instead of the war criminals in their own country.

International Nationalism explores the way that the internet has transformed and accelerated the culture war, and stresses the need for international collaboration between nationalists around the Western world, with particular focus on Dominion and Identity Australia.

That was October in the Dominion Movement. There’s never been a better time to join up - get in touch with us here!