November Action Report

November was another huge month in the Dominion Movement.

This month we commemorated Armistice Day, which marked the end of the unprecedented bloodshed of the Great War. It is a time to reflect on the sacrifices made by our forefathers, and to remember the terrible price of fratricidal conflict between European peoples. We can never again allow ourselves to be dragged into obscene warfare of brother against brother.

We made our way down to the Wellington waterfront to watch the artillery fire one hundred shots across the harbour, commemorating one hundred years since the end of the Great War.

Graffiti is one of the ugliest signs of social decay. We all have a responsibility to maintain a healthy and beautiful environment for each other. Vandalism like this is only possible when people are alienated from each other, and disregard this basic social duty.

We decided that we would take action against this insult to the community by clearing up this mess while the local council dragged its heels. Other residents approached and expressed their gratitude to our men for this defence of the neighbourhood.

The cultivation of physical fitness is a priority for the Dominion Movement. It combines the expansion of practical faculties as well as serving as an exercise in willpower and self-discipline. The body is a reflection of our character; a healthy body is evidence of a healthy attitude to life.

This inner struggle doesn’t have to be undertaken alone. We help each other in whatever ways we can to become better men. The sharing of expertise and motivation creates a culture of encouragement and brotherhood. Working together brings shared triumph, multiplying our achievements.

A few of us got together to give a fond farewell to a good friend of ours. Sharing food, ideas, and banter on a beautiful spring day is hard to beat. Big thanks to the host and hostess for a great time.


This month also brought a raft of new articles here on

Parihaka Day? exposes the historical vandalism of leftist revisionists in their efforts to abolish our beloved holidays and replace them with absurd spectacles like ‘Parihaka Day’, a celebration of an anti-white cult leader who allied himself with terrorists in the 1880s. These activists ignore historical context, and simply pounce upon any opportunity to attack our people and traditional New Zealand culture.

The Eleventh Day commemorates Armistice Day, and reveals the huge impact that the Great War had on everyday life for our ancestors. The scale of mobilisation and the sacrifices made across all sections of society will shock you, and bring into stark relief the necessity of our observance of Armistice Day forever.

Anniversaries tells the story of the Battle of Rangiriri, where scores of British soldiers gave their lives for our home here in this land. It reminds us to honour the great sacrifices they made, and to realise their hopes for us, in whose names they struggled so valiantly.

The Heroic Myth explores the price our culture pays for abandoning traditional attitudes toward heroism, aspiration, and idealism. It presents the case for the reinvigoration of our people through the reawakening of that striving spirit which inspired our forefathers.

That was November in the Dominion Movement. If you’re in areas of Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington, or Christchurch and you’d like to get involved, reach out to us here. We are growing stronger!