December Action Report

This month we made an appearance on Millennial Woes’ Millenniyule 2018. We discussed immigration, employment, housing, population and demographics, and more. Check it out here:

Getting into the Christmas spirit, we pooled some money for food packages to help out a local charity providing meals for those in need.

New Zealanders have always been well-known for looking out for each other, and that kind of solidarity is essential for a community of any size. A strong sense of social responsibility is vital to the health of our nation, and should be strengthened at every opportunity. Our people should always have each others’ backs.

At this time of year, our minds are always drawn to the importance of family. The unique relationships we have with our families are the most important ones of our lives. Christmas time reminds us of the significance and joy of family like no other time.

In a wider context, we can see family as the most basic building block of a society. A worthwhile culture can only be supported by the strong foundation of healthy families.

In contrast, when the institution of the family is attacked, and individualism and materialism are celebrated, we see a culture of cheap, ephemeral indulgence rise. Uprooted individuals without attachments make far better consumers and a more flexible labour pool for globalist elites.

Once again, we see people being shaped to fit the mould of an external system, rather than having a system subservient and complementary to healthy human development.

By strengthening natural structures like the family, we can reinforce an organic lifestyle that prioritises humanity over economics, and help us to focus on the things that truly matter to us.

We ended the year with a host of new articles:

Louder Than the Cannon’s Roar reveals the story of Zealandia, the traditional personification of New Zealand. As our nation gained its own distinct national identity, Zealandia was born, expressing the spirit that would build this country into our home.

Hall of Fame: Part One begins a new series of articles celebrating many of the heroes of our country’s past. Part one honours Gustavus von Tempsky, an adventurer who fought in the New Zealand Wars. With prodigious skill and leadership he made the Forest Rangers one of the most famous organisations of the Wars. Killed in action, he remains a legendary figure worthy of our reverence.

Part Two tells the story of William Allen, also of the New Zealand Wars. Allen was a young soldier who sacrificed his life warning his comrades of an enemy attack, saving their lives. His love and determination were immortalised in paintings and poems, and he became an early national hero of New Zealand.

Attack of the Tabloid! is our response to a lazy hit piece on Stuff. The media doesn’t hesitate to stamp down upon and lie about anyone who challenges the vapid consumer culture they push on us. We would rather work on making our nation something to be proud of, and worthy of our forefathers and our children - and slimy, dishonest blog posts on Stuff will never change that.

Happy New Year from all of us at the Dominion Movement.