August Action Report

We kicked August off with our first beach cleanup. We collected bags full of garbage left on Petone beach by the lazy and careless. The sense of community is so atrophied in this country that few people feel any connection at all to our shared spaces. The rest think of their rubbish as someone else's problem.

They might get some enjoyment from our parks and beaches, but they refuse to take any responsibility for maintaining it, even in the simplest way. They milk the cow, but they don't want to feed the cow.

In the Dominion Movement, we take these responsibilities seriously. We believe in the conservation of the irreplacable features of New Zealand: our environments, our unique plants and animals, our culture and our people. It's our duty to preserve all of these things for the generations to come – not to recklessly plunder and destroy them for our own enjoyment.

We had a presence up in Auckland in support of the Molyneux/Southern speaking event. The opposition, as always, tried to pass itself off as being oppressed (by ideas dissenting from neo-liberal globalism) even as they themselves engaged in oppression of their own (silencing those ideas by force, thereby defending neo-liberal globalism).

When the system failed to suppress dissident speech, antifa tagged-in to shut it down with threats. Antifa solved a problem for the system while masquerading as the enemies of the system! In reality, they are enemies only of regular people who value their legal right to free expression.

Read more about how fake-rebel leftists reinforce the system they pretend to hate here.

Most embarrassingly, the assorted fruits did all this while dressed up as 1910's communist revolutionaries, and waving Mexican flags.

What relevance does Mexico have to us here in New Zealand? We may never know.

 Something to do with this man?

Something to do with this man?

We've since established the Dominion Movement Auckland chapter with some great people. If you're in the area and want to get involved, get in touch with us here.


This month we relaunched our site, and some of our talented guys have produced quality articles on news, history, media, politics, culture, and more. Read them here. More coming soon!

Back in Wellington, we got together and did our bit to clean the city streets. Anarchists and communists – useful idiots for the global capitalist system – polluted our city with disgusting anti-Kiwi propaganda pushing social disintegration. We fixed it up, and left some reminders of the principles our nation truly believes in: family, community, and nation!

When the weather finally gave us a chance, we got together for a huge barbeque. The crowded house was abuzz with banter, music, wrestling dogs, and the smell of sizzling meat. Plenty of introductions were made; it's getting tough to keep track of who's met who.

  We forgot to take photos, so here's a rough idea of what it looked like.

We forgot to take photos, so here's a rough idea of what it looked like.

  Big thanks to the host and hostess for a great time.

Big thanks to the host and hostess for a great time.

We love to reconnect with nature whenever we can. It's important that we take opportunities to appreciate our country's unique environment. Day to day, we are kept in a technological bubble, insulated from the natural world. We are cut off from a vital, fundamental aspect of the human experience. This excessive urbanism rots the spirit. It makes us crazy.

Hiking reminds us that we are built to be integrated with nature, not removed from it. Just as a fish likes being in water, man derives great physical and mental health benefits from even a small trip up the hill.

That was August in the Dominion Movement. Sound good? Get in touch with us, and join the community.