September Action Report

September was jam-packed in the Dominion Movement. We kicked the month off with a long-awaited boxing match between two of our guys putting each other to the test. After a thrilling match we had our victor, and we all headed to a nearby bar to celebrate. The spirit of good will and sportsmanship abounded in one of the most enjoyable gatherings we've yet had.

Boxing may be one-on-one, but life is a team sport.

We took the opportunity of the All Blacks-Springboks rugby match to draw attention to the ongoing murderous campaign against the Boers and other white South Africans.

After an unexpected amount of attention given to their illegal land theft initiative, the South African government has taken a step back for now. The parliament is now working on a constitutional amendment to clear the way for the seizure without compensation of white-owned land. The terrorist ANC government tried to sneak around the law and failed, so now they will simply change the law in order to legalise their pillaging of a once-proud country.

It’s not unconstitutional if you change the constitution.

It’s not unconstitutional if you change the constitution.

All the while, farm attacks continue in South Africa – brutal torture involving machetes, bludgeons, power drills, fire, boiling water, and sexual violation are a daily occurrence. This is happening as we speak.

Unfurling the banner showing our support for the whites, we were approached by a number of Springboks fans who thanked us for spreading the word of what is happening to their families. Nothing short of genocide awaits the white South Africans if serious and immediate action is not taken. Genocide is nothing new in Africa; now the white minority is in the crosshairs of its own government.

On a lighter note, once again this month we escaped the concrete jungle and explored the natural world. It's essential that we keep nature in mind day-to-day, just to maintain some perspective on our lives.

Spending time among unspoiled nature allows us to appreciate the complex and beautiful relationships in our ecosystem. This guides us in developing an understanding of ourselves. Natural order within, and natural order without.

As always, stickering will continue until morale improves.

Our talented community produced an impressive array of articles this month:

A Monumental Assault stirringly defends the memory of our settler forefathers against modern iconoclasts.

Irony and Inaction calls out the armchair generals and sarcastic gawkers who plague the discourse of nationalist movements.

Connection celebrates our people's commitment to preserving New Zealand's unique ecosystem, and exposes the myths of Maori stewardship.

Science™ vs. the Moonbase demonstrates how our natural curiosity about the world has been perverted into a soulless, materialistic worldview which is quickly bringing our civilisation to ruin.

Redrawing the Map explores the long, continuing campaign to rename our towns and cities – burying the names of our pioneering heroes, and replacing them with a roster of bandits.

Finally, Dominion Day reminds us of a near-forgotten national holiday, whose principles and ideals should be remembered today more urgently than ever before.

That was September in the Dominion Movement. Get involved by sending us a message here. We are growing stronger!