June Action Report

June was a banner month for the Dominion Movement.

  Monthly dad-joke quota: fulfilled

Monthly dad-joke quota: fulfilled

This month we've established the Waikato chapter of our movement. If you live in the area and want to take back your future, send us an application, and we'll get you in touch with a rep. We are growing stronger!


Wherever you live in New Zealand, if you want to get involved, drop us a line. We have received applications from almost every region, and chances are that we can connect you with at least one other person in the same situation. As the modernist liberal system continues to fail us, more and more Kiwis are choosing to take their own side. We are building genuine, tight-knit communities of high-quality White people who can count on each other. Wherever you are, you are not alone.


We are building culture that contextualises us as White New Zealanders: each a single small part of a long chain, from our remote ancestors to our distant descendants. We are keenly aware of our role both in the past, and in the future.

  Like Janus, one of our freaky ancient gods.

Like Janus, one of our freaky ancient gods.

This country was passed down to us, and we have a responsibility to preserve it and pass it down to our children in turn.  Identity is our heritage, and identity is our future.

Inheritance small.png

Together in this mission we are building ties which aren't dependent on degrading and ironic pop culture,  repulsive sexual fashions and other mental illnesses, or the nihilistic social engineering programs of alien interlopers. In our rejection of modernity, we are forming a new, organic, grass-roots culture which is healthy, virtuous and authentic.

  Somehow, a pathetic, infantile life of degenerate overabundance, moral inversion, and total spiritual death just isn't enough for us.

Somehow, a pathetic, infantile life of degenerate overabundance, moral inversion, and total spiritual death just isn't enough for us.

We make fitness a priority in our community. A healthy body reflects a sturdy character. With self-discipline and the support of our mates, together we are all developing and maintaining greater physical health and fitness, and having a great time doing it. The only requirement is that you're willing to work to improve yourself,  and help others to do the same.

kick 3.png
punch 2.png

The so-called 'end of history' - represented by the 'triumph' of the Western liberal democratic order in the 1990's - has proven to be a total failure on all fronts. The very generation born in the midst of that 'triumph' is proving that.

The liberal consensus is rapidly falling apart under the stresses of the real world – the world that contradicts their ideology. When its proponents lose the battle of ideas, they've always fallen back on emotional bullying and manipulation, but that doesn't work anymore either - not on a generation raised in a culture of non-stop irony and mockery.

  Womp womp.

Womp womp.

Fortunately, history is far from dead. It lives inside us. It is pumping through our veins. We stand upon the foundations of history, with the spirits of our forefathers beside us.

The elites in charge of our society uprooted our organic culture, replacing it with a demented, artificial set of nature-denialist morals and taboos – multi-culturalism, equality, globalism, sexual revolution. But turnabout is fair play. We have freed ourselves of the paradigm designed to enslave and erase us. Now, it is we who are uprooting them.

Their system is dying. Our future is being built.

past future small.png

May Action Report

We've been firing on all cylinders in the Dominion Movement this May.

Our guys' hard work is paying off, getting gains in the gym, up the hill, and at the park - lifting heavier and fighting harder. The value of disciplined self-improvement and mutual encouragement is plain to see. We demonstrate the superiority of our worldview as the guiding set of principles for a healthy life. We choose boxing, not bong rips. Tramping, not 'transitioning'. Community, not communism!

  Typical Dominion Movement member, circa 2018 (file photo)

Typical Dominion Movement member, circa 2018 (file photo)

As always, this month we have fresh new posters out around town. We are all constantly growing towards a greater version of ourselves, with a great community encouraging and supporting us to achieve our goals – physical, mental, and spiritual.

Members of our community are getting together for training, sharing books, seeing comedy shows, and even multimedia production.

  We eagerly and officially endorse Aunty Donna, even though they're filthy West Islanders

We eagerly and officially endorse Aunty Donna, even though they're filthy West Islanders

This month we continued to win the support and fellowship of top-quality Kiwis who have had enough of a sick culture of self-destruction. Together it is our aim to see our nation return to honest health and virtue. We are growing stronger!

  Stickering will continue until society improves

Stickering will continue until society improves

antifa 4.png

We also had a great time networking with other NZ nationalist communities. We look forward to more friendly collaboration in the future.

It was a busy, action-packed month for us in Dominion, and we have plenty more projects in the works. No more excuses - it's time to take action! Join us!

April Action Report

Another high-energy month for the Dominion Movement!

This month we added some great-looking stickers to our arsenal. This didn't escape the notice of certain local vindictive tran(valued members of the community)nies.

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March Action Report

In Dominion, we know that everyone is capable of cultivating within themselves a sharp mind, a healthy body, a vital spirit, and a strong character. We focus on encouraging those qualities both in each individual and in the group as a whole. Just as good food needs good ingredients, a healthy and strong nation requires a healthy and strong people. It is our duty to develop and maintain fitness in all aspects. This is the first step of any great work; to establish dominion over the self.

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February Action Report

February was a great success for the Dominion Movement. 

To announce our formation, we began a little postering campaign in Wellington city. We promoted the total rejection of vapid consumerism, moral dissolution, and global financial imperialism with posters in town. Our activity was well-received, earning Dominion plenty of media requests for interviews (all of which were denied) and eager applicants ready to stand with us for our nation.

Our forthright rejection of capitalism amusingly caught the scorn of one interesting group: the local Marxists. Once again, the fake-rebel Left exposed themselves as the most craven shills for globalist money-power in existence. Between bong-rips, these shameless system shock-troopers expressed their outrage that anyone would question the capitalist-liberal world order that provides them with their Che Guevara T-shirts (made by Sri Lankan slaves).

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